Frequently Asked Questions

In what ways can FoodPower help my business grow?

Our mission is to help you, regardless of how you define growth – boosting profits, expanding locations, responding to changing trends and consumer tastes, or simply connecting in a more powerful way with your guests.

How can we grow when economic times are so tough?

You can still attract and retain good customers by adding new features, revising your menu, improving service, or re-examining the entire guest experience. It takes being creative and smart. With our experience and expertise, we can help.

What’s the best way to compete against larger, more established restaurants?

We believe in helping you clarify your concept, your point of difference – in short, your brand identity — and then sharing it through a focused marketing effort and changes within the restaurant. A smaller business can often compete successfully by being creative, experimenting, and responding nimbly to changing tastes and trends.

What part of my business operations need the most help?

Our expertise is in providing a comprehensive assessment of your entire operations and then developing a plan of action that identifies the most pressing needs. It may be the menu, or your kitchen. It could be the service, or the space itself. We can help you identify the challenges, and then help you address them.

How much does FoodPower charge for its services?

Because our work is so highly specialized, we prefer to make an assessment and then provide services that fit your budget, priorities and timelines. We do, however, offer standardized Makeover Packages that help you budget and plan for more specific services related to your food, your brand and your space.

How do we get started?

Contact FoodPower today, and we’ll walk you through the process, explaining how we conduct a systematic analysis of your business, collect and review all relevant data, and then deliver a comprehensive growth/makeover action plan.