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What is it that makes us LOVE our experience at a restaurant? 
What makes us want to return and share the experience with our friends?  So many seem on cruise control with no one from kitchen to table seeming to care.
We at FoodPower are constantly studying the details of what makes this connection to help our clients.  What we know is that the connection starts at inception with a strong bond and passionate commitment to hospitality between owners who then build an equally powerful link between the leaders of the front of the house (FOH) and the back of the house (BOH).  This connection then spreads throughout the team and connects to the guest.
In this newsletter, I’d like to tell you about a restaurant that makes that great guest connection visit after visit and share some insight into how they do it.
ABOVE: photo of me with Lillian Mrdganov, Maitre d' at The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar, courtesy of Bob Hodson Photography.

The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar

The brains behind The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar are OC’s FOUR amazing Musketeers – in the order they are photographed above – Partners William Lewis, JC Clow, Chef Yvon Goetz and Patrick “Irish” Quinn. What these professional giants bring to the party is quite astounding when you think about it.  I have known Managing Partner JC since his decade at Morton’s where he helped to build the restaurant and wine program into #1 in the country.

And Ooh La La… Chef  Yvon…
The Winery’s amazing Executive Chef whom I have had the honor of dining with many times at the Ritz-Carlton during the days when very formal dining was the craze.  Trust me when I tell you that Orange County is fortunate to have the talent and experience of Chef Yvon actually in-house cooking for us.  It’s kind of like Pavarotti in New York’s Central Park.
I have recently gotten to understand the power of the amazing William Lewis.  As The Winery’s Sommelier, he fills a dining room with more joie de vivre, energy and wine passion than anyone I have ever met.  Irish, as Patrick Quinn, is better known, can be found behind the bar – entertaining and mixing some of the best fresh hibiscus martinis you’ve ever had.