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The Secret Ingredient for Staying Popular & Profitable | FoodPower is a restaurant consulting firm that coaches industry leaders to leverage strengths, create concepts, refine menus & identify opportunities to increase revenue & capatalize on the changes in today's dining out patterns.
A few weeks ago we introduced you to the perfect case study, a restaurant in San Franciso that underwent a FoodPower MakeOver: RIGOLO - Un Petit Cafe Amusant. During that project, FoodPower worked hands-on with the Rigolo team - from owner to chef, and everyone in between - and together, we coordinated a MakeOver to help the restaurant grow.  If you missed the first two newsletters, read PART ONE HERE and PART TWO HERE.
We built a team to create a stronger brand for RIGOLO.  We upgraded the logo, the exterior, the interior - all according to a plan to keep the restaurant busy.  We added a  whimsical sense of sophistication to take away the breakfast & lunch-only stigma and build dinner business.  
We worked on the quality of food - from ingredients to presentation - and  got new menus in place. We focused on increasing the check average by identifying ALL the profit centers - not only breakfast, lunch and dinner - but the untapped potential for all day Grab ‘n Go, retail sales and catering.
A MakeOver naturally creates a Buzz.  The next step is to spread this new excitement! 
This newsletter focuses on PART THREE: MARKETING. See how Rigolo embarked on the journey to promote its post-MakeOver self!
MARKETING FROM THE INSIDE, OUT:  before a buZZ can be spread throughout the community, it must be created within the walls of the restaurant.  It's an undisputed fact for any restaurant, old or new, internal marketing is key. 
During the MakeOver process it is vital for the staff to be involved in developing the new brand story, as they will be the Ambassadors of the Brand, answering questions, sharing the vision and helping to make the connections with the guests.  Co-workers love to be part of something new and exciting.  Their positive energy spills over onto the guests, and whether the diners are drawn to the food, the service or the ambiance - it all pulls together to make a personal connection.  It is this connection that can spread like wildfire with marketing strategies, including the power of social media.

The photo above is a shining example of a GREAT WEBSITE that draws from the  brand story with text formulated and written by the owners, Laura and Doug Mathieux and the MakeOver team.  It has it all!
Visit RIGOLO's site to look around: - you'll find clear hours, location, menus, YouTube videos, social networking links to Facebook and Twitter, special events, photo gallery, a  Kids Club, and so much more!
A few minutes on the site and you share the vision.  The restaurant's strong brand personality, makes a connection, creating curiosity which quickly translates into a visit with the reader anxious to share their find with friends.

A quick Google search will turn you on to the fact that Rigolo is among the most CHILD-FRIENDLY restaurants in San Francisco.  Being the best and gaining recognition/awards should be incorporated into the overall marketing strategy. Having overwhelmingly positive Yelp reviewers and hundreds of Facebook fans all translate to more people who want to align with Rigolo to spread the word (and we LOVE  the unsolicited free press)!
Goals to build dinner business have also generated press when the chef created his amazing special dinners.  See what Eater SF, a site dedicated to the San Francisco restaurant, nightlife and bar scene, posted about one special event: RIGOLO PRESS!
Here's what one of the bloggers wrote: Rigolo Cafe is a family-owned place, completely unique, with a full menu and well worth a visit. Rigolo's theme is French fun and flair, in a high-celilinged place with black and white umbrellas hanging upside down from above. It feels like a tribute to "Singing in the Rain", and I believe it is meant to! With an emphasis on keeping the kids happy and engaged, there is a children's play area, cookies that the kids adore and a kids' menu. Pull up to a cafe table with rattan chairs on the sidewalk, a la Parisien, for some people-watching in fine weather. Even their website is fun to look at, with a good deal of helpful information and menus, biographies of the owners and staff as well as their favorite menu selections, so you feel that you get to know everyone a bit.
Never underestimate the power of food
-- or the power of press to build sales!