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This month, I focus on some of the most innovative restaurants that show amazing flexibility in an effort to maximize the use of their space and meet the needs of their guests!
If you've been following my newsletters and work, you know that I'm always looking for trends. One thing I've noticed recently is that many restaurants are spanning 7,000 to 10,000 square feet!  According to industry analysts, some of these "super-sized" restaurants were the result of optimism and some are now the result of larger spaces left for the taking.  While it may be a good time to snag a deal, filling the restaurant is another challenge.  Here are some restauranteurs who have been amazingly creative.
Different strokes for different folks at different times!
The photo above is of the Charlie Palmer at the South Coast Plaza in Orange County, CA.  Look at what they did with some extra square footage!
Charlie Palmer at South Coast Plaza in Orange County has a handsome private dining room on the side of the restaurant that is often vacant at lunch. The restaurant team decided to take advantage of the space to increase traffic at lunch by providing a quick/casual alternative that would attract new business.  Thus, DG Burger was born!  A host and ordering station along with a chilled beverage refrigerator are set on wheels and quickly transform the space by day into a "new" restaurant alternative.
A big THANK YOU to Bob Hodson of Bob Hodson Photography for taking these photographs of DG Burger and Charlie Palmer !
DG Burger is open only for lunch and is quickly closed by 4 p.m. so the space can be made ready for a private event or large party done in Charlie Palmer upscale style.
Great use of an empty area -- not to mention that the "DG" in "DG Burger" stands for "Damn Good" and that's no joke.
Another example of amazing flexibility can be found in Dallas and Las Vegas at  Lawry's The Prime Rib where their famous beef is available by day in the portable ale and sandwich bar which rolls in and out of the center of the main dining room as needed (top photo).  Guests dine casually at lunch but still enjoy the amazing tableside service at dinner (lower photo).  As I see it, " Prime Rib sandwich by day, to Prime Rib dinner by night!"