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Charity Cases: Chefs + Restaurateurs 
I have been active in many ways as a coach to chefs and restaurateurs since 1984 - before that I was one of them - but it never ceases to amaze me the generosity of these amazingly hard working men and women that make up any and all restaurant communities.  I love them.  They love what they do and get a thrill out of cooking for others.  That's their secret -- true passion for nourishing and nurturing.  Chefs are some of the most generous individuals I know - they are the first to step in as community volunteers when the need arises. They donate their time and services during disasters and large-scale galas, alike.

Most recently, I served as Chef Liaison for the March of Dimes Signature Chef's Auction that raised more than $200,000 to improve the health of babies.  I was honored to be part of the team and even more proud to work with the incredible Chefs that made this event. Here are a few of the shining stars from that evening:

Thank you to Anne Watson Photography for the photos!

PRO at Charity Events:
Chef/Partner Deborah Schneider of SOL Cocina  
I love watching Chef Deb from SOL Cocina work the crowd at events - she works to make friends and build biz.
She does five things that work like a charm: 
1.  Chef Deb makes intense "flavor craving" tacos that start guests raving.
2.  She sets SOL's booth up festively with a portable banner sprinkled with great           photos that tell the story of her restaurants while planting a powerful image that partners with the palate as one digests the food and info.
3.  She designates an ambassdor, with a great gift of gab and knowledge of the restaurant, to mingle with event guests, pass out tacos and encourage guests to go to the booth to meet Chef Deb.
4.  She designs a promotional card that is passed out to each guest with a special offer to entice them to come in to the restaurant.
5.  She gives back with joy and generosity that works every time.
 Dream Team:
Married Chefs/Owners Amelia & Florent Marneau
Together they worked to bring the charity and guests a true experience of Marche Moderne's friendly French Fine Dining style. Chef Florent showcased French black truffles imported specially for this event and shaved generously on top of his amazing Veal Cheeks. The flowers arranged graciously by his Pastry Chef wife, Amelia, were the finishing touch to a gorgeous display.
Their table also featured flyers of coming events at the restaurant - one for a Moderne Alsacienne Choucroute, a "Pig Head to Tail" event that is going on now, and another for an ultra elegant Caviar & Champagne event scheduled for December. 
Success IS in the details and the Marneau's are to be complimented for their advance planning.

Eye Catching:
Chef/Partner Yvon Goetz of The Winery Restaurant
This table display includes photos of the restaurant, a beautiful shot of the Zinfandel-braised shortribs on cous cous from the menu, wines and props from their extensive wine list, a box of elegant cigars to remind the boys of the restaurant's cigar patio, and sample menus to round out the image.

The Winery Restaurant excels at customer relations, touching tables, and providing service that exceeds expectations and makes folks want to return.
Not only did we work together to create the success of the March of Dimes Signature Chef's Auction but I got to present him the Handsomest Chef's Award... I mean, the Best Chef Award at the Golden Foodies Awards the following week.