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The Secret Ingredient for Staying Popular & Profitable | FoodPower is a restaurant consulting firm that coaches industry leaders to leverage strengths, create concepts, refine menus & identify opportunities to increase revenue & capatalize on the changes in today's dining out patterns.
Social Networking is Key to Connecting with Guests!

We are always fascinated by the strategies and techniques that restaurants are implementing to acheive a robust business. Social Networking is vital to the successful future of any biz and here are a few of our favorite social marketing success stories.  In this newsletter, I focus on a few key messages:

1. Build a Powerful Website - clear, concise and reflective of your brand. Be sure it's mobile friendly - almost 50% of your visitors are coming from their phones!

2.  Build a Strong Database - There are various mining techniques, some more effective than others!

3.  Utilize Your Networks - don't limit yourself when you're trying to promote an event; if used properly, you could end up with a line out the door!

4.  Don't Resist Social Media - even sites like Yelp can contribute to your success!

5.  Show off Your Food! In this day and age when the country is obsessed with the Food Network, food photos are prevalent on social media sites. Focus on mouthwatering photos to attract guests and lure them in!
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Before we talk about social networking, let's start with the quality of your restaurant's website. Gone are the days of flashy flash and hundreds of pages, we're loving cool, branded and creative sites that focus on simplicity and capture the key points: location (address and google map), hours of operation, telephone number, online reservations, menus AND last, but not least, the information must be clear on mobile devices.  Spend your money wisely on great photos and building a site that works for your demographic. If you wish to incorporate online ordering, get professional help, and test, test, test.  


As members of the restaurant industry, we build the largest hospitality network in the country - with 13.1 million employed in the U.S. - and it's just as important to cultivate relationships with your fellow restaurateurs and chefs, as it is with guests.

An example of restaurants working together to serve both its guests better, stems from the recent closing of a great 35-year-old fine dining restaurant in Anaheim, CA, Mr. Stox. While it will become the site of a large housing project, it will never be forgotten because a great new fine dining establishment nearby, The Ranch Restaurant, has offered to continue guest relations and become an affiliate partner. The Ranch will buy Mr. Stox's website, phone number, recipes, bread oven and starter. What's even more impressive is that The Ranch will honor Mr. Stox gift cards - quickly making friends with the now-closed restaurant's loyal guests.
Mr. Stox was a master with database building for 35 years - even before the widespread use of the internet, they started with an Epicurean newsletter, first on paper mailed to each guest. Over the years, it was sent to guests via email to be more efficent, current and cost effective. The newsletter contained announcements of events, activities, trips and excursions along with gifts that built a loyal following of friends and families never to be forgotten.

This line of more than 350 beer lovers anxiously waiting to quench their thirst at Haven Gastropub +Brewery was the talk of the town in Pasadena, CA one Monday morning.  Haven was one of only a handful of restaurants to obtain Russian River Brewing Company's annual release of Pliny the Elder. The beer is so rare and coveted each year, that folks will line up for hours, just for an 8 oz taste.

So how did they get the word out? They utilized their network to the best of their ability, exhausting every opportunity to let potential guests know when to come! They utilized their own database of 5,000+ by sending out an email campaign; they posted a blog on the home page of their website; they alerted the local media with news of the event; and they utilized Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach their following there. In addition, their in-house Beverage Director and Partners reached out to their individual networks with emails about the upcoming event.

This photo was posted on the restaurant's Facebook page and gained the attention of LA Zagat editors, who selected it as their Photo of the Day, giving the event even more exposure!

Kudos to the team for the effective use of social networking. Not only were they able to maintain relationships with their current following, but they were able to attract many new customers and followers!



At the 2013 California Restaurant Association's President's Panel of top performers, it was unanimous - Yelp is the NEW citizen's review. Dean Simon, Managing Partner of Bruxie, revealed "I share comments with the staff, use the constructive comments to train and do a better job. We welcome the feedback." The other panelists, Bob Holden, President of Elephant Bar Global Grill/Wok Kitchen; Martin Diedrich, President of Kean Coffee; and Paul Berkman, President of Rutabegorz Restaurants, all agreed.

While many restaurants struggle with how to address their Yelp reviews, the key is to take what you can away from it, and understand, as with all forms of communication and feedback, there will be some unpleasant comments.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but today, it could be worth a thousand dollars! If you're like us, you love looking at mouthwatering shots of food - so crisp and clear that you can almost taste the flavors. Nothing drives traffic to restaurants more than hunger, so let's take advantage of every photo op to create cravings! YUM!! Got a great photo? Facebook it, Tweet it, Instagram it, Pin it... whatever you do, share it with your network, and have them share it with theirs. That's how social networking works - your network is strengthened by your followers' networks! It's what creates a buzz and can propel your brand!

We are always grateful for all the wonderful clients, who are also our friends, that FoodPower has been able to work with hand-in-hand. It's great to see that our clients continue to grow long after we have left. You can always follow their growth on our FoodPower Facebook page HERE!

If your year is off to a rough start, call us, we may be able to help. While it may not seem obvious to you, there are many factors that can directly relate to profitability and growth.  In most instances, these elements are clear to the objective, experienced eye, but nearly impossible to see for the owner/operator who sees them eight days a week. 
We at FoodPower can help you find your profit centers, quickly and objectively, so you can maximize your strengths.  What's more, we can coach you as to how to sort out your specific issues in a way that brings your costs down and your profit up!  We are talking about TRUE, QUANTIFIABLE CHANGE that captures your profits and minimizes your losses.  Our rates are surprisingly affordable and, with the vast majority of our clients, we pay for our services many times over. 

We are ready at FoodPower to go the extra mile
and inspire you do the same!
Feel free to contact us at or at 949.646.3206.  You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!
To the power of food!
Phyllis Ann

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Established in 1982, Orange County-based FoodPower is a restaurant consulting firm that coaches industry leaders to leverage their strengths. By working hand-in-hand with restaurant management and staff, FoodPower can help create concepts, refine menus, and identify opportunities to increase food sales and capitalize on the changes in today’s dining out patterns to strengthen brands.

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