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Three years ago, Bruxie opened up in FoodPower's backyard and, almost immediately, it was clear to us that we were witnessing the birth of a great new concept. Bruxie is not a FoodPower client, but it quickly became a restaurant that I use in my MakeOver puzzle to illustrate a concept that has it all.
For those unfamiliar with Bruxie, it's a concept that specializes in Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches. There are numerous savory and sweet varieties, all made with gourmet, quality ingredients, and each begins with a waffle.

The waffle has been around forever - I used to call it a vintage breakfast staple - they may have come in different shapes and sizes, but when I was growing up, every household had a waffle iron. Just when we were totally bored with the same old waffle, along comes Bruxie to change the way we would look at the waffle forever. 

What's unique about their waffle is that it's made from a great recipe - the best I've ever come across. For them, the recipe came years before the concept and perfecting it was essential to the brand's success. This unique carrier, now called The Bold Fold, is a crispy, yeasty, airy, fresh waffle that has a great texture and flavor that complements the fillings inside just perfectly.
I'm so impressed with this concept and this waffle - the secret is this crisp, which Americans crave, and that is what leaves the competitions' soggy renditions in the dust.

This Hot Pastrami Bruxie will make a Jewish deli proud. Bruxie starts with its waffle platform and adds a slice of Gruyere cheese, which provides a protective lining between the waffle and a layer of cider slaw. Next comes the Boar's Head Pastrami - succulent and piled high - then, topped with spicy brown mustard. Bruxie serves them with half sour pickles.

Most sandwiches are familiar - there's a burger, turkey club, and PB&J - but the flavors are so bold and craveworthy, that you'll come back to this chef-driven restaurant for more.

Once a year on the Fourth of July, the Bruxie team flies in live Maine lobsters to create their delicious version of a Lobster Roll. 
We are blown away by this fast-casual concept that delivers fine-dining finesse.