FoodPower Offers a $500 Holiday Special to Help Boost Profits
FoodPower Offers a $500 Holiday Special to Help Boost Profits
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The Secret Ingredient for Staying Popular & Profitable | FoodPower is a restaurant consulting firm that coaches industry leaders to leverage strengths, create concepts, refine menus & identify opportunities to increase revenue & capatalize on the changes in today's dining out patterns.

We're headed into the busiest time of the year for restaurants. The holidays are when every restaurant should be busy and making a profit. But could you be making more? The sad truth is that most restaurants aren't living up to their potential. Restaurateurs are always pleasantly surprised when I give them insight into how to really maximize their profits during the busiest time of the year.
To prove this is true for the majority of restaurants, FoodPower is running a holiday special designed to give you a taste of what we can offer. For $500, we will perform a simple assessment of your restaurant and leave you with five tips/strategies for becoming more popular and profitable!

If you're getting this newsletter, you probably know that FoodPower helps restaurants, but you may not know why we're so successful at assisting restaurants reach their potential and goals! I, Phyllis Ann Marshall, am the CEO and Founder of FoodPower, but who am I?
I was recently interviewed on Restaurant Unstoppable and was asked to tell the story of how I got started in this business. Well, it all started when I was a child -- my father said I was vaccinated with vinaigrette dressing. That could explain why I went on to major in Food & Nutrition at Cornell University and married a “hotelie.” I have been an owner in every type of restaurant: a Sports Bar with Brooks Robinson (the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Famer), a Fast Food restaurant with Roy Rogers, a Pancake House, and a 24-Hour Café on the East Coast. After moving to California, I went on to own an award-winning fine dining restaurant in Anaheim called Mr. Stox, which was successful for more than 3 decades. In 1984, I started FoodPower to serve as a consultant for restaurants, with my first client being Lawry’s Restaurants, Inc.  I've traveled the world for the past 30 years, helping every type of restaurant imaginable.  Today, with the advances in technology, I can help restaurants without leaving my Orange County, CA offices!

I always say that sometimes, in order to get an honest opinion, you have to hire someone who's not afraid to be brutally honest with you. How many people will give you an honest assessment of your shortcomings without being worried about offending you? With our expertise, we feel that we can see opportunities to promote and merchandise your restaurant that you’ve been too busy to see yourself.  Anything that people see daily becomes too familiar.  Restaurateurs lose sight of the details along with the changes that are immediately obvious to FoodPower.  The results will be happy guests, with increased check averages and return visits.  


Simply put, confusion is costly, but clarity and consistency create cash flow. The cost of confusion can be slower speed and lower check averages. If a guest is confused by your brand or your offerings, they are less likely to be able to embrace the experience. 
FoodPower can help you add clarity to your entire guest experience as we did for our client Rigolo in San Francisco. This was a restaurant with a solid team and great bones to grow, but there was serious brand confusion. See the before and after photos above -- FoodPower helped to create a new logo that still held a sense of familiarity, but was more attractive, inviting and relayed that Rigolo is a French cafe (and not an Italian bistro, as it was often mistaken to be).

From the experience at the front door, journey to the table, the menu, food delivery, check presentation, departure, and everything in between... every detail counts.  Successful Restaurants are Memorable and Rememberable. You want to create a buzz. It's easier if you’re new, but what if you’ve been here for years?
After Valentine’s Day, five female friends couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant where they had eaten the night before! Without remembering the name, how could they possibly promote your restaurant to their friends? Word-of-mouth praise is the cheapest form of marketing there is. Hire us to help brand your concept so that your name isn't forgettable!
The car wrap up above isn't for every restaurant concept, but with our help, we can come up with effective ideas that will keep your restaurant top of mind!