Restaurant Consulting Services

The FoodPower team works alongside you with a personal touch that examines all aspects that contribute to your restaurant’s performance.

Our proven approach gives our clients a complete picture of their business and the opportunities for future growth.


Phase 1: Analysis

  • First impression
  • Strength of the brand
  • Power of the concept
  • Challenges of the operation

Phase 2: Data Collection and Review

  • Health of the concept
  • Menu/management
  • Merchandising and marketing
  • Sales and operating analysis
  • Factors that impact the popularity, profitability, and/or dining experience

Phase 3: Growth/Makeover Action Plan

  • Identify opportunities for increased popularity and profitability and what to do to get them

Makeover Packages

  • 1-Day Meeting and Assessment
  • Do-it-Yourself Strategy Package
  • Complete Makeover Package
  • Restaurant Follow-up and Analysis

Specialized Makeover Packages

FoodPower’s powerful relationships in the industry provide you with expert support in all aspects of your restaurant operations.

From the analysis of your menu, to a review of your brand and collateral, to the design and use of your space, FoodPower provides personal consultations to address your most pressing needs.

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